Instagram Algorithm: The Update

Instagram Algorithm: The Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since Instagram introduced the algorithm. In my blogpost about the change, I gave Instagram the benefit of the doubt, mostly because I felt changing the algorithm would mean more genuine likes and a more loyal follower base. On some level, I feel like this has been true. However, I am quite disappointed about the changes this algorithm has brought with it.

Let’s start with the amount of likes. Although I am convinced I have received more genuine likes (or likes from my loyal follower base), I do feel like my posts don’t reach all of my followers anymore causing an overall decrease in likes. Next to fewer likes, I have also noticed likes coming in throughout the whole day (and night). The latter is very annoying since I generally use the like-for-like policy. I’m sorry if I can’t like you back in the middle of the night!

Just yesterday I watched Nina Vee’s Snapchat story (@theninavee) in which she encourages her followers to like her new picture. She also addresses the fact that the new algorithm is causing her posts to receive less likes, and kindly asks her followers to turn on the notifications. So, it’s not just smaller accounts that are noticing the change. Bloggers with tens of thousands of followers are also feeling the consequences.

The next thing I noticed was the amount of posts per account on my feed. Once I liked a picture from a certain account, I would scroll down to find four or five more posts from them, or I would find posts from similar accounts (with similar topics). My feed became very one-sided and….boring (?). It means I sometimes like multiple pictures from one account, but totally miss out on other followers. Seems very unfair to me!

Lastly, I have turned on notifications for many different accounts because I don’t want to miss their updates. This has led to my phone blowing up. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing new posts! But the Instagram notifications on top of WhatsApp, e-mail, Facebook, Snapchat etc. etc., is getting a bit much (for my taste).

My behavior on Instagram hasn’t changed. I follow different hashtags a couple of times per day and like the pictures on my personal feed, but because of the algorithm I still miss out on most of the content. I feel like Instagram is not able to fully predict what posts I want to see.

Question is, how do we go from here? We can ask Instagram to change it back to the old settings. Or we can adapt and change our behavior on the platform. For me, the only thing I can do at the moment that ensures me I don’t miss content is by turning on post notifications, liking everything, and checking in on Instagram more often than I used to. Hopefully I will get the hang of it soon, and of course I will share my newfound knowledge with you on Snapchat!

For those of you who shared your thoughts with me: thank you! I always love hearing your input!!


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