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First of all, welcome to Tech in Heels!

Tech in Heels is a blog that covers everything tech, gadgets, digital, and all things in between. My blog is written for girlbosses and fellow bloggers who are interested in technology with a girly twist. I like writing about the newest technology trends in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry, the latest products and interesting apps.

New blogposts go online every Tuesday. I switch between How To Tuesday and app/product reviews, tech savvy tips, news and personal posts.

I am active on Instagram, Twitter and I recently joined Facebook and Pinterest. I work hard to create a follower base that consists of real people. People who I can talk to, send messages to and stay connected with. I enjoy having a community that is genuinely interested in my content. My target audience are lifestyle, fashion & style and beauty bloggers, girl nerds, and women who are interested in technology.

I love working with businesses that design awesome products or apps, and are somehow connected to the fashion, beauty or lifestyle industry. There are different forms of collaboration. For example, product/app reviews, an advertorial/banner, a giveaway, or a discount code. Products can be sent to my adres in The Netherlands. Please contact me personally to receive my adres.

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If you have any suggestions or want to collaborate, feel free to write me, and I would love to see what I can do for you!