How to use Facebook Featured Photos for branding

How to use Facebook Featured Photos for branding

Recently, I discovered the Facebook featured photos on my personal account. At first I didn’t know what to do with these top 5 images, but after thinking for a few seconds, I decided I wanted to use them to promote my business. But how? Facebook Featured Photos are 5 different photos at the top of your page to show the world what you are interested in. I saw it as my personal challenge to use these 5 photos as my own free billboard.

If you have a business, chances are you have a Facebook business page. This is great, especially for social media marketing and connecting with your audience, but having a page doesn’t really enhance traffic to your website. Thanks to Facebook’s greedy algorithm, posts by personal accounts are favored over business posts. Why? Because Facebook wants your business to pay for exposure. Until then, enjoy all the memes on your news  feed. Which, I don’t always mind tbh. Love me some Doug the Pug. 

In order to gain traffic, I have been sharing my blog posts on both my business and personal page. Ever since then, Facebook became my #1 source for website traffic. That got me to thinking that my personal page was of more value to my blog/business than my actual page. If only I could find a way to brand my personal page… Well, I did! And here’s a tutorial on how to use Facebook featured photos for your business.

To follow this tutorial you will need Photoshop. However, it is possible to use Paint or something similar to create the same effect.

How to use Facebook Featured Photos for personal branding

Step 1. Design your own picture

Design a picture that uses your personal branding and your desired layout. I chose to keep it very simple and only use my logo, brand’s colors and a simple shout out to my social media channels.

The picture you want to design is 588px by 488px.

facebook featured photos

Step 2. Create rulers

In Photoshop, there is an option to add rulers. As you can see from the Facebook Featured Photos, you need to divide your picture into 5 smaller parts. The top two are a bit bigger than the bottom three.

Click on “View” in the top menu and select “New guide…”

Add rulers to the following dimensions:

Horizontal: 4 in

Vertical: one at 196px, one in the middle 294px, and one at 392px

facebook featured photos

Step 3. Crop the picture

Now it’s time to crop your picture into 5 different parts using the rulers you just set. You can crop the picture, save it, and then undo the crop. That way, you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Start cropping from the bottom right to top left. It’s advisable to name the pictures “1”, “2”, etc. so that you can upload them in that order.

Step 4. Upload Facebook Featured Photos

Once you saved your 5 different pictures, you can upload them as Facebook Featured Photos. Attention: I’m not talking about the cover photo behind your profile picture. Facebook Featured Photos are the pictures underneath the top menu.

Upload the pictures from bottom right to top left.

Pro tip: if you leave your social media usernames on one of your featured photos, be sure to add the url’s in the description box.

facebook featured photos

Tadaaa! You now use this otherwise usesless space as a place to promote your business, blog or brand. How cool? Would you consider using something like this for your personal page?





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