Best productivity apps to get stuff done in no time!

Best productivity apps to get stuff done in no time!

Our lives are busy and chaotic. There’s no doubt in that. Checking emails, groceries, social media, reading news, paying bills – the tasks keep piling up. But in an age of #girlbosses, we sure can handle it. We just need some assistance here and there. Assistance in the form of applications of course!

Remember the time I told you I was like Dug the talking dog in Up? Not much has changed since then. Whenever it’s time for me to do something, I always check my phone for messages and run past my social media accounts. I’m 100% positive, I’m not the only one.

Sound familiar? Use the best productivity apps to get you in the zone and get stuff done.

Best productivity apps

Best productivity apps against distractions


Forest has got to be the cutest, most fun productivity app because it rewards you for being productive! This app keeps you away from your smartphone by making you plant a tree. If you use your phone while the tree is still growing, you end up killing it! If you can keep your hands off of your phone, you receive coins when the timer is done. The more trees you plant and coins you win, the bigger your tree gets.

I actually used this app while working on this blogpost. Having the timer on the screen allowed me to keep track of how long I was effectively writing. It may be a bit childish, but it gets the job done. No more looking at cute cat gifs.

best productivity apps

Price tag: $1,99 in the App Store or Google Play Store.


I don’t know why this app is called Freedom because it actually restricts you. In a good way, of course. lets you schedule digital time so you can only visit certain websites or apps during that time frame. Outside of those times, Freedom blocks them. Bye bye, Buzzfeed quizzes. And don’t even think about cheating, Freedom blocks the sites and apps on all devices simultaneously.

Price tag: Freedom offers different plans. The most popular is $2,42 per month for a whole year of access to Freedom.


Ok, this must be the most simple tool in all the land: the good old egg timer. It doesn’t do anything special, except for counting down time. While this sounds kind of lame, it is actually quite handy when you’re multi-tasking behind your computer and you need to keep track of time. Maybe you only have 30 minutes before your next meeting. Start the timer and you don’t need to check your clock again. Go to and add how many minutes you need, for example /20minutes. Don’t forget to turn on your sound so you can hear the alarm go off.

Price tag: free!

Best productivity apps for work


I’ve talked about Trello before; it’s just amazing. I manage different project in Trello: from blogging to setting up my business and organizing events. The platform allows you to create multiple boards with to-do lists. In every list, you can then add tasks. You can add documents and comments to the tasks. Also, if you work in a team, you can add members to boards so everyone can contribute to the workflow.

love the drag and drop functionality. That way I can (re-)assign tasks and get a clear view of things that still need to be done. Trello is free, but you can opt-in for the pro version which only costs $9,99 per month. The paid version offers a calendar view, different backgrounds, and an integration with other apps such as Mailchimp or Gmail.

Price tag: Free! Trello Pro costs $9,99 per month.


Notetakers, pay attention! Never lose your notes again, search items, collaborate – get your life together. You don’t even have to type out notes, you can just take a picture and upload it to Evernote. Whether you work on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, the notes are available on every device. What I like most is the fact you can search even handwritten notes. So, if you wrote down the word “blog post idea” somewhere, you can search for it and the matches will appear.

I highly believe in project management and love it when an app can be used for both your personal household and business.

Price tag: Evernote offers three different plans: basic, plus and premium. Basic is free (2 devices), plus costs $29 per year (1GB storage, sync all devices), premium costs $59 per year (10GB, sync all devices).


Anke from recently got me hooked on Wunderlist. If your love listing things, get this. It’s a little similar to Trello, but I feel like this is a cleaner, simpler version. Where Trello is focussed on project management, Wunderlist is focused on plain to-do lists.

It’s easy to assign tasks, leave notes and comments, get reminders, and even turn emails into actions when you email them to Wunderlist!

Price tag: free to $4,99 per month for business accounts.

Best productivity apps for social media


This app does wonders if your business is on Pinterest. Perfect for bloggers or small businesses wanting to sell their products on this platform. Schedule your pins once a week (or month) and let Tailwind do the rest. It posts automatically at the busiest times, so your pins get the most views/traction.

Pinning is a fulltime job if you don’t plan ahead. With the launch of selling on Pinterest, small businesses might want to start thinking about ways to stay ahead of the competition. Using Tailwind can certainly help.

Price tag: the first 100 scheduled pins are free. After that TailwindApp is $9,99 per month.

Hootsuite or Buffer

I don’t have time for social media, and neither do you. That is why tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer exist.   You can connect all of your social media accounts to these platforms, pre-write your posts and schedule them. Hootsuite and Buffer will post the content at your selected times. Personally, I use Hootsuite, and I use it mostly to plan my Facebook and Twitter posts. I also monitor my mentions and certain hashtags to that I stay up to date of what’s happening around the world.

Price tag: both Hootsuite and Buffer offer different plans for individuals or businesses and teams. These prices range from $10 up to $399 a month.


I am promoting Preview App again #sorrynotsorry. I solely stand by this app. It is the best tool to schedule Instagram posts. If you want a fully detailed explanation of Preview, read my review here. Be sure to check out their Instagram page, as well. Alexandra, the owner of Preview, has the Instagram game down and shares tips, tricks and inspiration on their Instagram Stories and page.

Price tag: free!

Best productivity apps to make your life easier


On a daily basis, I use 12 passwords (!!). I counted. These are just the regular ones from email accounts, social media and my computer. Imagine how many other passwords I have for different applications and wifi, etc.! That’s why Lastpass is so handy. It’s a browser extension that remembers all of your passwords.

All you have to do is create one master password that can unlock the vault on After that, you add different accounts, such as Amazon, Gmail and Dropbox. Lastpass will generate a long, difficult password, saves it, and uses autofill so you don’t have to remember it. Lastpass is protected to the max, so you don’t have to worry about being hacked.

No more forgot your password? e-mails for me!

Price tag: You can download it for free, or you can pay $1 per month for an extended account.

Did you sign up to newsletters that you now regret? Use to unsubscribe all at once. Securely log in using your email credentials, and will do the rest. It automatically counts to how many newsletters you’ve been subscribed to. You can then manually unsubscribe. The service is free, but if you want to unsubscribe from more than 5 newsletters, you have to share the news on Facebook or Twitter. Hence my Facebook post from last week 😉.

Here are my results:

Best productivity apps

Best productivity apps

Price tag: free!

Let me know if you use any of these apps. Get your stuff done, so you can work hard, but play harder!
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